"This is the society we live in: it’s difficult for women and people socialised as women to assert their boundaries because they were trained to have no boundaries, and consequently, have to build them up as adults. It’s hard for us to scream in people’s faces, or say ‘no,’ and we have to learn this — which is why some self-defense classes have entire programs dedicated to getting participants to scream, to yell, to shout for help. To get them used to coming at a man wearing heavy gear, pounding at him with all they’ve got, saying ‘NO!‘

And the consequence of learning boundaries and creating a safer world for ourselves is that we’re punished for it. We’re oversensitive, we’re bitches, we’re cunts, we’re being ridiculous. This is a society that takes our boundaries away at birth on the basis of the genitals we’re dealt, and then registers deep offense when we seize them back."

When you see the idols dozing off and snoozing sitting up-right in their seats, it’s often because they had to. If they were in between sets or takes at an event, and had to go back in front of the camera, they couldn’t lay down because it would cause water retention and puffiness in the face (just like anyone looks when they first wake up). If they were to lay down and wake up a bit swollen, they were made to do short intervals of cardio to sweat out the puffiness, initiate blood flow and circulation, and obtain a natural blush to their skin tones.


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Blue night 14/08/20

  • J: I feel that parents asking their children who just ended an exam the moment they enter the house "Did you do well?", how much stress is that for the one who receives the question? Isn't it good to just simply say "You've worked hard". Guest: If they do that, (the child) may just cry.
  • J: It's okay to cry, how much hardship (did they experience) to take the exam, it's super super super annoying!!! How would I know if I did well or not, don't ask me.
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Q: What are your future goals?